All worlds, the Upper and the lower, are inside man. All that is created in the world is for man’s sake and everything lives and develops because of man.” 

It is necessary to understand: Is man not content with this world and everything that is in it, existing to serve and develop him, that he desires the Upper worlds too? 

The Torah is a Kabbalistic book. It was written by the greatest Kabbalist Moses. 

The Book of Zohar is a Kabbalistic commentary for the Torah. The Book of Zohar, as well as the Torah, is divided into 5 books and weekly chapters. One of the weekly chapters is entitled “Tazriya”. 

It is said: “The Creator created man with a full name. And everything that is created is absolutely perfect; everything is found in it.” 

From the above statement, we see that all worlds, the Upper, and the lower, everything that fills and animates them, all except the Creator, is inside man.