Our Kabbalah Amulets 

The Kabbalah amulets we use in our jewelry are part of the 72 Names of God selection of names. Kabbalah teaches us that each of the 72 Names - 3 letter combinations (Hebrew letters) attracts unique energy, one that you can connect to with your intention and visual scanning of the letters.

Today thousands around the world, including people who have never learned Kabbalah, use the 72 Name technology as a tool for personal empowerment and spiritual fulfillment. 


Protection from the Evil Eye - Using this name creates shield of positive energy that surround us.


The power of Prosperity - This name will open us to the source of all spiritual and physical substance, helping us to become financially stable. 


Health amulet - The power of this name provides the wearer the energy for spiritual and mental health. 


Attract your soul’s other half in relationship, business, or partners in every sort of shared endeavor.


Happiness - Distinguishing between temporary pleasures, enduring happiness will bring true happiness. 


Positive Energy - Taken from the 72 names of God, a combination used for creating positive energy and purifying your surroundings and removing negative energy. 


Dismissing Negative Energy - Using this name improves concentration, focus and enhances calm & tranquility. 


Self Esteem - This name stimulates personal growth and self expression. Dismisses dependency, stress and low self esteem.